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professional website development since 1994 

about us

custom, responsive websites

We are a two person team, based in Seattle, WA. Our experience includes past work for Microsoft, Amazon, and dozens of smaller companies and individuals. 

We build websites that help people reach their goals.

3 ways we help

flexible consulting, based on your skills, time, and budget

from initial design to SEO optimization, we can handle the entire scope of your Wix Studio website project

full service

you can collaborate in the design and build process via Zoom, contributing at your own pace

collaborative creation

for clients who design and build their own websites, we consult with technical needs, responsiveness, and SEO


we can work closely with you to bring your digital vision to life

our clients often have the skills to work on their own websites, but need help to complete their vision 


we fill that gap with flexible support

We Googled around and noticed a few things that set us apart from other website developers.

No monthly Fees

We don't charge monthly fees because our websites don't break. Monthly maintenance contracts are relics from when websites broke all the time, and someone had to be paid to keep them running. Wix Studio websites don't break, so you don't have to pay anyone to watch them. Wix Studio does cost money; we don't recommend the free version. But you should pay Wix directly. Beware of website developers who ask you to pay them an ongoing monthly fee after the site has been built and launched. You pay us for the work we do on your website. We estimate $500 for a simple website, but if things go smoothly or if the client chooses to do much of the work, the price tag could be less.

We post our rates

If you’re shopping for help with your website, it’s fair to wonder about costs. We post our prices on our website because it's our job not to waste your time on things like filling out a form and checking your email just to find out what we charge. If you have questions about what are different rates mean, or if you want to talk about your project, please contact us, we'll be happy to chat.

We work by the hour

We work by the hour, and different tasks have different rates, so you won't always pay top dollar. We charge less for site building than development, for example. We also charge less for site building than site development. The difference between site building and dev work is this: Site Building ($50/hr): Perfect for creating a site based on your provided layout, content, and optimized images. We efficiently build your site in about 10 hours if the requirements are straightforward and the design is flexible. Site Development (starts at $125/hr): Necessary for custom coding or specific functionalities. We aim to minimize higher development costs, focusing on essential functionalities unless precise design fidelity is requested. We post our hourly rates on our website, and we will discuss with you at the start of your project, which rates apply to our work, and explain in advance what your costs will be.

We love Wix Studio

We use the Wix Studio platform, which was made for agencies like ours, but is also our top DIY recommendation* for those who want to do most of the work themselves. The most important decision you’ll make about your website is choosing the platform. Wix Studio is the right choice for anyone starting a new website project. Even if you just want to give your WordPress website a makeover, you’re better off moving to Wix Studio. We can build your site in Wix Studio, or if have a DIY spirit, we can guide you and provide targeted tech help during different aspects of your site development. We work by the hour, and you only pay for the help you need. * Wix Studio is it’s a quantum leap better than Wix Editor or Wix Editor X, but any Wix product is better than WordPress.

how we're different

web builders you find online will commonly outsource your project to a sub-contractor

we do our own work because we're experts with decades of experience, and we do the highest quality and fastest job of anyone we know

we've learned that the best way to build websites is to work with clients one at a time, and to give them our attention

why we do our own work

learn about our hourly rates and cost structure

the Wix Studio platform is free, and easy to get started, but it's super complex and it helps to work with someone who uses it at an expert level

we consult on the new Wix Studio platform

learn about our hourly rates and cost structure

SEO consulting

learn about our hourly rates and cost structure

the right choice for new businesses, rebranding, or for when your site is so broken that it's costing you money and stress

we make new websites

learn about our hourly rates and cost structure

Training the GPT

a GPT that helps people have more productive conversations with AI

AI Prompts

Building the Website

this website provides support for the AI Prompts GPT

Completed 5+ years ago

ask us about how we collaborated with this preschool to build a spectacular website

Hilltop Preschool

Completed 5+ years ago

we built an online store for this high performance kite manufacturer -- the owner did his site's design and photography

Prism Kites

Building the Website

we are currently rebuilding the historical archives and community hub for the Yankee One Design class of wooden racing boats

Yankee One Design

some favorite projects

for experienced and capable website development help

contact us

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