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websites since 1994 

web builders you find online will commonly outsource your project to a sub-contractor

we do our own work because we're experts with decades of experience, and we do the highest quality and fastest job of anyone we know

we've learned that the best way to build websites is to work with clients one at a time, and to give them our attention

why we do our own work

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the Wix Studio platform is free, and easy to get started, but it's super complex and it helps to work with someone who uses it at an expert level

we consult on the new Wix Studio platform

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SEO consulting

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the right choice for new businesses, rebranding, or for when your site is so broken that it's costing you money and stress

we make new websites

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Completed 5+ years ago

We helped this preschool keep costs down in two ways: 1) we limited our time to the more technical and project management roles 2) we found a web-dev college intern who was excited to work in the office of the pre-school and do the grunt work for a much lower hourly rate.

Hilltop Preschool

Completed 5+ years ago

This project included making a WooCommerce online store for this high performance kite manufacturer. The owner collaborated on the page layouts and he did all photography.

Prism Kites

Building the Website

This is a fun project: we're currently rebuilding the historical archives and community hub for the Yankee One Design class of wooden racing boats.

Yankee One Design

past projects

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